BLOG POST: Is ‘Stand Your Ground’ Really a License to Kill?

IS ‘STAND YOUR GROUND’ REALLY A LICENSE TO KILL  When lawmakers in Florida enacted its “Stand Your Ground” law they intended it to be a tool to make it easier for citizens, particularly homeowners to defend themselves when threatened with serious injury or death.  The purpose of the law was ...Read More

Salary Reductions

One of the most common forms of disciplinary action taken against public safety employees is a reduction in pay for a period of months.  Generally this reduction will take the form of a 5 or 10 percent reduction for however many months are imposed.  There are both some key pros ...Read More

Response to Adverse Comments in Personnel File

Response to Adverse Comments in Personnel File Disciplinary action can take many forms when it comes to public safety employees.  Sometimes it is not as heavy as a suspension without pay or a demotion.  Often correction may come in the form of a counseling memo or a “documentation of verbal ...Read More

Removal from Specialty Pay Assignments

Many public safety employers have jobs that are “special assignments” and often require additional training or skills from the employee.   To “reward” these extra demands, they will generally also be accompanied by a pay incentive which is generally around 5%. Most employees feel that being assigned to such positions is a ...Read More

POBR Vioalations

A woman filed a complaint against a sheriff’s deputy for various allegations of misconduct while off duty. The woman and the deputy are next door neighbors and have a fairly typical neighbor feud going between them. The woman filed the complaint with a sergeant who happened to be working as ...Read More

G&A HELPS CERES POA PREVAIL- Officers Receive Pay for Exam Time

Recently, Ceres POA filed a grievance with the city of Ceres after the Finance Department refused to pay officers who took approximately six hours for a promotional exam while they were on-duty.  The officers pointed to uncontested twenty year old language in their Memorandum of Understanding which states: Section 7.5   ...Read More

Writ of Mandate GRANTED for Susanville POA

The Lassen County Superior Court has granted a Petition for Writ of Mandate on behalf of the Susanville Police Officers Association commanding the City of Susanville to comply with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and SPOA, and to take all remedial actions necessary to correct ...Read More