Having represented Public Sector Unions and Employee Organizations for over twenty years, Paul Goyette is an expert on their politics, to their contracts, to their pensions. Paul has been deeply involved in issues that have shaped today’s public sector union and how they function in today’s world.

If you are looking for an expert to comment on Public Employee Unions and Employee Organizations, Paul can speak to the following:fire

  • How pension benefits stabilize the public sector workforce.
  • Factors that have lead to today’s current public employee pension system.
  • The impact of spiking on public employee pensions systems.
  • The challenges to a sustainable pension benefit system.
  • Why public employees’ pensions often attract questions and envy.
  • Implications of a defined benefit pension system.

Over 120 police, paramedics, public safety, fire, teachers, management and other employee Associations and Unions choose Paul’s law firm, Goyette & Associates to represent them. He has spent over 20 years handling all phases of the collective bargaining process, union recognition or modification, administrative law, unfair labor practice charges and actions before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). Even in this hostile economic climate, Goyette and Associate’s Unions and Associations are succeeding in keeping positions, mitigating layoffs and working in collaboration with employers on numerous issues including  pension reform. Paul is spearheading a movement in bargaining that works for both sides of the bargaining table.