Paul Goyette has an unprecedented record in representing high profile criminal defendants in complex cases that are closely covered by the media. Paul Goyette is currently enjoying an unprecedented win streak in high profile criminal defense cases having not lost a case that has gone to verdict since 1995.

Why choose Paul Goyette to comment on a high profile criminal case?

The answer is simple: How badly do you want to know the truth about what is going on?

Many lawyers will tell you they are great at handling the media when they have never been in front of a television camera in their life. The key to successfully representing clients in high profile cases is confidence.

Check their record and check their scorecard. Paul Goyette has extraordinary success in both State Court and Federal Court in high profile matters ranging from homicide cases in State Court to corruption and obstruction of justice cases in Federal Court.

Examples of our criminal defense cases and Goyette & Associates’ client testimonials can be found here.