Paul is legal expert on police actions ranging from police use of deadly force, what is deemed police brutality, to the training of law enforcement officers regarding the use of force. Paul has worked in the court room, the board room and at the Capital on issues that determine when an officer can use force and if so, how much.

For commentary on the following police use of force issues, please contact Paul for invaluable insight into what is really going on behind the scenes:police

  • Factors supporting police use of deadly force.
  • What influences a police officer’s decision to use deadly force?
  • The implications of evaluating police use of force with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.
  • How police officers’ safely affects police use of force policy.
  • Inmate discipline as a means of avoiding use of deadly force situation in jails or prisons.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement is not immune to the Law.

Paul’s Firm represents over 300 Peace Officers per year who are facing legal problems.  In his 20 year history, more than 6000 individual clients have trusted Goyette’s attorneys to defend them against allegations ranging from: