Removal from Specialty Pay Assignments

Many public safety employers have jobs that are “special assignments” and often require additional training or skills from the employee.   To “reward” these extra demands, they will generally also be accompanied by a pay incentive which is generally around 5%. Most employees feel that being assigned to such positions is a ...Read More


Sacramento County has given us yet another piece of evidence that certain elected officials and managers of California government entities have devolved into nothing more than their own personal existence justification system. Over the last three years we have repeatedly seen government managers go to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves ...Read More

Two Proposed Suspensions Reduced

• Juvenile Institution Officer was served with notice of a 5 day suspension without pay for neglect of duty and other employee conduct violations. Goyette and Associates Attorney, Alia Khan represented the Officer at the Skelly hearing. Immediately following, the 5 day suspension was reduced to a 2 day suspension. ...Read More