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  1. Anonymous

    June 16, 2010

    I have to agree with most of what you think about Government work. I was discussing this topic last night with my husband. Since we’re both state employees for CDCR, we have experienced, first hand, exactly what you’re thinking. The ir-rationale of it at all levels is that if you’re not able to do ‘your regular job’ then, create new work. The special committees, projects, manual writing, ‘side jobs’ just clutter what we haven’t caught up from due to lay offs, furloughs, and retirements. Many of us are developing serious health issues~stress caused~which contributes to the backlog. For appearance’s sake we do not have backlog and archiving is something we do every year. If you decide to print this…leave my name off please…I’m fighting to keep a job with a final probation report any day now. That is after I return next Monday from a Medical Procedure on my Kidneys.

    P.S. When I worked for the County, we had much nicer amenities and higher budget because it was for Water Resources. Justifiable for the many Multi-Government Agency project works, Board Meetings and Board Officers. That’s where the wei$ht lies in overstaffing. Too many Chiefs…

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