G&A lawyers Defend Failure of Good Behavior Causing Discredit to the Department

Failure of Good Behavior Causing Discredit to the Department One of the more common allegations imposed against Peace Officers, Correctional Officers and other public employees is “Failure of Good Behavior Causing Discredit to the Department.”  This allegation may be the result of  a simple interaction between a public employee and ...Read More

The Key to Successful Defense Against Incompetence

Successful Defense Against Incompetence A possible misconception many officer may have is that once they their basic training they will be found to be competent in all aspects of their job.   In actuality and as in many other professions, training really begins when an officer begins working and gaining real ...Read More

Removal from Specialty Pay Assignments

Many public safety employers have jobs that are “special assignments” and often require additional training or skills from the employee.   To “reward” these extra demands, they will generally also be accompanied by a pay incentive which is generally around 5%. Most employees feel that being assigned to such positions is a ...Read More

Allegation of Untruthfulness Leads to Termination

In this case, a city police officer was terminated for allegations of untruthfulness related to a use of force incident where he and fellow officers were required to use force to arrest a fleeing felon suspect. In the course of the altercation four different officers applied various levels of force ...Read More

G&A Trial Team Keeps Winning Streak Alive

Paul Goyette and his trial team have put their expert trial skills to good use and have pieced together an extraordinary winning streak in high profile criminal defense cases dating back to 1995. An El Dorado county jury took only 45 minutes to find Christopher Gold Not Guilty of four ...Read More

1 Week Suspension and Pay Reduction For Late Reports

 Police Officer with Hayward PD was recently served with a notice of a 1 week suspension without pay in addition to a 1 pay step reduction for an entire year.  The allegations giving rise to this discipline pertained to eleven departmental reports that were alleged to have been turned in ...Read More

G&A Win: Modesto PD to Remove a Letter of Reprimand from Officer’s Personnel File

The Stanislaus County Superior Court has granted the Petition for Writ of Mandate filed by Goyette & Associates, Inc. on behalf of a Modesto Police Officer. The Writ of Mandate will direct the City of Modesto and Modesto Police Department to remove a letter of reprimand and related documents from ...Read More

G&A Responds to Sac State Officer Invloved Shooting Last Week

Sacramento State Police Officers were placed in an incredibly difficult situation and reacted with great compassion and restraint. On October 21, 2009, a tragedy occurred at A.R.C. Dormitory. Officers rushed to the scene to check on the safety of a young student who was severely hurting himself. When officers arrived ...Read More