BLOG POST: Is ‘Stand Your Ground’ Really a License to Kill?

IS ‘STAND YOUR GROUND’ REALLY A LICENSE TO KILL  When lawmakers in Florida enacted its “Stand Your Ground” law they intended it to be a tool to make it easier for citizens, particularly homeowners to defend themselves when threatened with serious injury or death.  The purpose of the law was ...Read More

Assault by Broccoli No Defense for Officer Accused of Excessive Force.

After being stopped for not wearing his seatbelt, driver Mark Anthony Young exited his vehicle and sat on the curb eating his broccoli and tomatoes.  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Wells ordered Young to, “just have a seat in the truck.” Young declined stating, “I don’t feel like sitting ...Read More

Allegation of Untruthfulness Leads to Termination

In this case, a city police officer was terminated for allegations of untruthfulness related to a use of force incident where he and fellow officers were required to use force to arrest a fleeing felon suspect. In the course of the altercation four different officers applied various levels of force ...Read More

Correctional Sgt cleared of misconduct nearly 1 year after death in custody.

The old adage “the wheels of justice grind slowly” is so often the case when dealing with internal affairs investigations in any law enforcement agencies across the state.  This is especially true when dealing with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as the bureaucracy between state agencies can often ...Read More