G&A Responds to Sac State Officer Invloved Shooting Last Week

Sacramento State Police Officers were placed in an incredibly difficult situation and reacted with great compassion and restraint. On October 21, 2009, a tragedy occurred at A.R.C. Dormitory. Officers rushed to the scene to check on the safety of a young student who was severely hurting himself. When officers arrived ...Read More

Reversal of Demotion for a Correctional Sgt.

Special Assistant Inspector General, Jeanne Wolfe, who was monitoring the case on behalf of the Bureau of Independent Review, congratulated attorney Thompson and told him that he had “done a good job”. ...Read More

Two Proposed Suspensions Reduced

• Juvenile Institution Officer was served with notice of a 5 day suspension without pay for neglect of duty and other employee conduct violations. Goyette and Associates Attorney, Alia Khan represented the Officer at the Skelly hearing. Immediately following, the 5 day suspension was reduced to a 2 day suspension. ...Read More

Paul Goyette and a Bunch of Cops in Vegas

Paul Goyette will once again be one of the featured speakers at the PORAC conference scheduled for August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada. ...Read More