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  1. Tamara Stotler-Laws

    February 9, 2010

    Interestingly enough I wish I had read this months ago. You are almost convinving in your argument against Term Limits. While I too, have watched the Government grow beyond its means; I still believe the balance of growth and debt will continue to exceed the boundaries of a budget. For decades we have blamed the Governor, or the elected officials for the mess of State Budget shortfalls. In truth there’s a very large population that live in paycheck to paycheck debt as bad as the State of CA. Term limits allows the voters to get rid of mistakes and to get fresh blood such as our current Actor turned Governor. We have already seen what an Actor can do in office. If anything, Arnold has pushed back the progress that was made because of a Federally mandated expenditure. The State has never had those kind of resources and overhaul of the Correctional/Penal System was needed. Just as CPS, EDD, DMV, and many other State Agencies need to do to keep up with current times. Computers have evolved and the state’s growing expenses, failing resources don’t allow for solid future budget predictions. This Governor has declared more State of Emergencies than I have heard of in our lifetime. Yes, we are a Welfare State, and have been for as long as you & I have been alive. The fix? Term limits- yes; people our age need to go into those offices and prepare the future for our children. We see what a mess we are in, and how much worse it will become.
    I would support your running for a seat in the legislature, we need financial analysts on the front lines. We need leadership to get away from Credit Spending. Do it Paul!

  2. I vote Paul for President!…. that would make my Chief of Staff position a lot cooler!

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